S&C French Vanilla


S&C French Vanilla

Instant Coffee Sachets, 18 x 22 g (18 Cups)

NESCAFÉ Sweet and Creamy sachets make sure you are never more than moments away from a consistently delicious cup of coffee with a hint of vanilla. Just rip a sachet into a mug, stir, sip and LOVE it. Why break the bank at over-priced coffee shops when you can enjoy a sweet and creamy cup of self-made coffee!

  • A pre-dosed sachet that makes a consistent sweet and creamy cup of coffee, made by yours truly
  • To prepare an all-in-one cup of self-made coffee just STIR, SIP and LOVE :)
  • Make at home or on the go!
  • 18 servings

    Medium Roast

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